sylsnovelties: Denise is doing a flower cane.
sylsnovelties: She is dahs 512
dahs512 joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hey there Denise!
frogger70301: Sorry, had my hands on some clay. Hey, sweetie.
dahs512: Hi Syl. I can't guarentee if I'll stay on but I'll try
dahs512: Hi Mitch
frogger70301: no prob.
frogger70301: oops.
dahs512: Hi Linda
sylsnovelties: I keep getting dumped every little bit anyway!
sylsnovelties: Denise, was your webcam logitech? You don't have to answer now.
dahs512: no its an intell pocket pc
sylsnovelties: Okie, writing that down. I am going to ask Santa for one!
dahs512: check this out
sylsnovelties: Ouch
sylsnovelties: You make that Denise?
dahs512: yes but the closeness is what i was showing
sylsnovelties: Yeah, it takes up close very good.
bonsaikathy joined the room
sylsnovelties: Hey Kathy!
sylsnovelties: Is Denise putting stripes in there?
sylsnovelties: Smartie britches!
sylsnovelties: She stretching it to open the cuts up?
frogger70301: I think so.
frogger70301: She might be going to put some sheets in the cuts for the petal veins.
frogger70301: But of course I'm only guessing.
sylsnovelties: You're probably right. The picture she showed had the veins.
bonsaikathy: yup, good guess, haha
sylsnovelties: There it is.
sylsnovelties: That vein is a pretty color.
frogger70301: I hate being right!
sylsnovelties: I'm sure you do!
Kathy (w8koqs3rd) joined the room
Kathy: hi
bonsaikathy: Hi Kathy
bonsaikathy: Denise is making a flower
bonsaikathy: right now she's working on the veins
Kathy: OK thanks Kathy . . .BTW, I just love the little snow scene you have up on Ebay . . .
bonsaikathy: thanks Sweetie, you should see some of the rest of them, I got inventive, haha
frogger70301: Why doesn't her little tv show up like everyone elses?
bonsaikathy: Not sure, good question
dahs512 left the room
dahs512 joined the room
Kathy: Im trying to figure out exactly what she's working on . . I can't imagine how that will work into a flower . . . I must be brain dead or something
frogger70301: Right now she is working on the petal veins.
Kathy: OK
frogger70301: After that she is prob going to wrap that around a solid color log.
frogger70301: That is the only thing I can think of.
bonsaikathy: Denise, could you show the pic of the flower again with what you're doing beside it, I want to do a screen shot
frogger70301: But, of course I COULD be wrong.
bonsaikathy: of course you could also be right,
Kathy: I came in here to print off a picture for a cane I want to
build . . . and got sucked into the webcam demo . . . LOL
dahs512: I'm filling in the missing parts that will make up the ring
frogger70301: YAY!!! I was WRONG!!!!
bonsaikathy: I've got 3 screen shots so far, could one of you that's been here since the beginning get the logs pretty please
frogger70301: I can.
bonsaikathy: thanks Dear
lindaslists: fist o doom-LOL
sylsnovelties: I've been dumped too many times to have the log.
frogger70301: any time!
lindaslists: what's she making? A flower cane?
frogger70301: Almost looks like an eyeball cane.
lindaslists: blood shot eye ball-LOL
dahs512: lol
frogger70301: gmta!
lindaslists: boy do you have long hair
dahs512: just one piece
lindaslists: oh
dahs512: I'm gonna do it in halves...improvising
sylsnovelties: I lost Denise's webcam.
frogger70301: Me too.
lindaslists: me too
dahs512: i'm here
sylsnovelties: your webcam is gone.
dahs512: i'll wait to see if there is a problem
bonsaikathy: your webcam isn't on Denise
frogger70301: got it back.
frogger70301: now the tv is showing up.
dahs512: ok
frogger70301: Oh, wow. That looks good!
frogger70301: How are you going to do the petals.
dahs512: Now for the new thing
bonsaikathy: it is cool
sylsnovelties: That is a great way to get those center veins!
dahs512: I'm going to wrap it with trans first then press into it
with a paper covered credit card to form the petals
frogger70301: OK, that's where the chrys cane comes in!
bonsaikathy: I've gotten some great screen shots as she's been going through it.
frogger70301: I saw you mention that earlier!
dahs512: let me wash my hands real quick
bonsaikathy: ok she wrapped the cane with Translucent, correct?
sylsnovelties: right.
dahs512: yes
dahs512: now to try the theory
lindaslists: wedge pushes
bonsaikathy: she's got a credit care wrapped with paper and is pushing in the side of the translucent to form the petals
lindaslists: like for a chrys cane
bonsaikathy: looks like it's working
sylsnovelties: Oh, now I get it!
lindaslists: black-eyed susan
dahs512: it's working!
dahs512: the paper sticks a little
frogger70301: Are you pinching the side of the little logs then
putting them in the spaces?
sylsnovelties: That is what it looks like to me too, Mitch.
dahs512: made the trans real mushy
lindaslists: that flower is so pretty
lindaslists: squeeze that cane
lindaslists: squeeze with one hand and type with the other
sew_short: OK So what kind of cane is Denise making?
bonsaikathy: flower cane
sylsnovelties: A gorgeous flower.
lindaslists: a flower cane
lindaslists: now for the slice
lindaslists: so pretty
sylsnovelties: So pretty!
sew_short: OH Wow
frogger70301: Oh, wow.
lindaslists: extreme close-up
sew_short: It is beautiful
sylsnovelties: Terrific!!

the plan
filling the gaps
halfway there
long strand of hair
two halfs put together
credit card wrapped with paper
indented cane
reducing the cane
final cane
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