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Way out there

This is my first sculpted figure made out of polymer clay.
I am really enjoying the learning process. Thank you to all those fellow clayers out there that have guided me through the process.

I started out with a foil armature and wrapped it with beige Premo polymer clay. I added more clay to build up areas. I want her to be a little on the heavy side.

I worked quite awhile on applying clay to build up muscle and bulk.
The hands and feet were built more than once.
The head and face was the biggest challenge.


I forgot to take pictures of the application of the bathing suit.
I cut it out of a sheet of clay into two pattern pieces;
one front piece with the v-neck, and one back with the low scoop.

That is what I have so far. I'll add another page when I finish her.
Thanks for looking.

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